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Cosmic Variance

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Funding Cries

A bunch of foolish people at CosmicInvariance are crying "funding crises" that they are not getting their research funds.

Do they not understand that their research fund came from tax payer's money. And it should be up to tax payers how their money should be spend on things that directly associate with their interests. What most people do not understand, and refuse to accept, is the fact that the earth's resources are limited, and there is an imminent oil crisis, directly threatening the very survival of human civilization.

Actually the oil crisis has already started and we already see the beginning. I happen to believe, although this is an unprecedented crisis, that the human civilization can manage to survive if we act swiftly and adequately. The public's money should be immediately invested, as top priority, on finding viable energy alternatives, before the economy collapses totally due to the oil crisis. We may not have enough time since development of technology takes time.

It would be rather silly to waste money now on big money projects like LHC, or on hopeless crackpots like super string research, or the nonsense global warming theory (if you do not have any more oil to burn, it is unlikely you can increase the atmosphere CO2 much either!)

Cosmic Variance


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